Welcome to the project website of the "Natural Resources and Land Use Database and Map for Darfur - NRDB" project conducted by GAF AG for the Darfur Land Commission (DLC).

NRDB project, funded by the Sudanese Government, started end of 2010 and to be concluded in 2019 is a direct outcome of the Doha Peace Process. Administered by the Darfur Land Commission, both DLC and NRDB form an integral part of the DDPD (Doha Document for Peace in Darfur) and shall provide an up-to-date and state-of-the-art assessment of the natural resources of Darfur in form of maps, data, documents and a database in order to provide the grounds for sound planning for implementation of the Darfur Development Strategy (DDS).

The principal legacy of the project will be the implementation of a thematically integrated data repository and geo-spatial information system maintained by DLC as data hub, in cooperation with other key stakeholders and with the aim to provide Government, organisations and investors with means and tools to take informed decisions on the sustained use of natural resources in Darfur.

This website contains background and status information about the project and will be superseded by a DLC web presence featuring information and a data catalogue managed and maintained by DLC.

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