Latest News

UNHABITAT & Qatar Fund Darfur Land Conference for Enhancing Social Peace, 10-11 Dec 2018

The Land Tenure Conference elaborated on the key requirements of peaceful development in Darfur, rating the full establishment of DLC and finalization of the NRDB project top priorities.

Support for FAO PLUP in Darfur States, Dec 2018

The NRDB project provides continued support to FAO Sudan for carrying out participatory land use planning workshops at a number of localities throughout the five Darfur States.

SIMFE, Khartoum, March 2018

Project staff took the opportunity for talks with representatives of the MoPM and GRAS.

Press conference at the Media Forum at the Ministry of Federal Governance, 21 March 2018

The Ministry of Federal Governance provided a platform for presenting NRDB within the new institutional framework under the Presidency and the Ministry of Federal Governance.

NRDB MIS presentation at DLC, Khartoum, March 2018

The project presented the NRDB Management Information System prototype, status and requirements.

DLC, Khartoum, Oct 2017

DLC/NRDB held an internal workshop on framework conditions, new challenges, opportunities and a roadmap for the conclusion of NRDB.

DRDC Forum, Khartoum, 26 July 2017

DLC/NRDB informed the DRA Commissioners about project progress and outlook.

Welcoming the New Commissioner, Nyala, May 2017

The project welcomes the new Commissioner and briefs him about the progress.

Darfur Status Referendum in April 2016, dissolving of DRA in July 2016

After the referendum and resulting dissolving of the DRA, the Commissions including DLC have been assigned to the Office of the President.

Presidential Forum, Khartoum, Feb 2016

Key achievements, future use and utility of NRDB

17th Africa OILGASMINE, Khartoum, 23-26 Nov 2015

The NRDB team presented the project providing Darfur with critical datasets to support natural resource management and development.

Project Thematic Workshops, Khartoum, Nov 2015 – Feb 2016

DLC/NRDB held a serious of workshops involving key stakeholders in all thematic areas covered by NRDB presenting the results of the fieldwork and conclusions for reporting and finalization of the projects deliverables.

Conclusion of introductory and advanced beginners training, Sept 2015

The project concluded an extensive training programme for 33 trainees from DLC and Darfur key ministries in natural resources in GIS, Remote Sensing and Image Processing in cooperation with the Future University, Khartoum.

Conclusion of fieldwork and fieldwork training, Aug 2015

Fieldwork for all project themes conducted over four years and different seasons has been concluded, fieldwork reports are under preparation and will be presented later this year.


Welcoming the new Commissioner, Nyala, May 2014

Internal meeting and workshop on the progress of NRDB

DLC/UNAMID Land Tenure Conference 20th Nov 2013

Highlighting the role of sound natural resources and socio-economic data for environmental governance and land tenure.

Re-opening of NRDB project offices in Darfur, Feb 2013

NISS approved the re-opening of the project offices after being closed almost one year causing a break of the largest part of all fieldworks in Darfur.

Meeting at DRA in El Fasher, 9th March 2012

Briefing of Dr. Tigani el Seisi on the work progress against the background of institutional reorganization of DRA and DLC.

Two new states in Darfur, Jan 2012

The Government created two new states in Darfur, namely Central Darfur and East Darfur, presenting important challenges to the project in terms of administrational requirements for data as well as logistical and material requirements to the project.

April 2011: Darfur mission April 2011 successfully completed/h2>

Another work mission of a team consisting of the local project coordinator, the water resources specialist and the land cover/land use and ecology specialist was successfully accomplished.

Kick-off missions to Darfur carried out in December 2010 and January/February 2011

The NRDB Team has been carrying out visits to all States, i.e. El Fasher, Geneina, Nyala and Zalingei in order to meet all stake holders, establish working relations and assess the current situation and requirements.

March 2011: Project offices and staff established in all States

Since beginning of the month project offices have been established in the capitals of all three States plus Zalingei and local Project Coordinators appointed. The offices are currently set-up, furnished and equipped.

February 2011: Satellite imagery acquisition finalized; base image processing advanced

All satellite imagery has been acquired, special acquisitions for WorldView-2 have been successfully concluded. Base image processing including georeferencing of all data, orthoprocessing and DEM processing of stereo data has been finalized. Currently postprocessing and editing of DEMs and derived products is carried out. High precision georeferencing for core areas is in preparation including first surveying missions which will take place presumably in May.

New Online Maps

A new interactive online map has been added to the website. The map contains base topograhic information and the project areas

Project Website Launched

The project website for the "Natural Resources and Land Use Database and Map for Darfur" project has been established to inform interested persons and parties about the progress of the project and to provide information material.